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Q: Dr. Fone iPhone/Android Recovery software is not recognizing my iPhone/Android, why?

A: There are three possible reasons for the software not being able to recognize your device:

(a). You’re using an older version of the software. For this download the latest version from our site.

(b). Your iTunes is older version. To resolve this issue update to latest version (only applicable for Dr.Fone iOS Data Recovery).


(c). You haven't turned on USB Debugging on your Android device. Check this article if you want to learn how to enable USB Debugging on Android (only applicable for Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery). .


Q: Why is no data found through recover from iPhone/Android device?

A: If no data is found through recover from Android/iPhone option device then the following might be the reasons:


1. The data has been overwritten by another data. This happens when the data has been deleted for a long time.

  • 2. The data was recently deleted and a new operation on the device has overwritten the previous data.

Q: How can I fix “Runtime error”?

A: “Runtime error” is caused because of the compatibility between the program and your PC. Most of the users may find this error to pop up. However, the error might pop up for some personal computers with special configuration. Usually you can continue using the program after clicking OK. If the error continues, follow the steps:


1. Reinstall the program and launch it again.


2. Try the Recover from iCloud backup file, Recover from iOS device or Recover from iTunes backup file.


Q: Can I try the software for evaluation before I purchase the full version?

A: Yes, all software are available for trial basis before purchase. You can download it free of cost, evaluate and then purchase a full license version.


Q: How will I receive the registration information after I purchase the full licensed version?

A: Once you place your order, you will receive the registration information after a few minutes. We advise that you check your spam folder as well as sometimes emails might be considered spam by few email service providers. If you do not receive the registration mail within 12 hours, please contact Avangate shopper support: support@avangate.com


Q: How long will I have to wait before I receive a response from customer support?

A: Our customer support gives response in a timely fashion. You will receive a response within a maximum of 24-48 hours.


Q: Can I upgrade my licensed version for free in future after purchasing it?

A: Yes. Once you purchase the full licensed version of the software, you will get all updates and upgrades for no cost at all. The older registration information will be valid for updated versions.


Q: Can I install the purchased software to a new computer?

A: Yes you can do that. You will have to uninstall the software from your old computer and then download the same software on the newer PC. Use the same registration information you received at the time you purchased the software.


Q: Will I be able to use the software on another computer if I buy the single user license?

A: No. If you purchase single-user license then you will be allowed to use it only on one computer. However, if you have a laptop or desktop PC and you do not use the program/software simultaneously then you are allows to install it on two different computers. Please read our license policy:

Installation of the program/software purchased under Single-User personal License will be restricted to one single PC that is owned or controlled by the licensee plus one more computer also owned and controlled by the licensee, for example: Once computer may be at home and another at work. However, only one copy of the purchased program can be used at one given time.