This easy step-by-step guide will show you how to transfer your memorable voicemails from iPhone to your computer.

A Step-By-Step Guide On Transferring iPhone Voicemails to Your Computer

Technology is incredible when you think about how usability, complexity, and information come together to form a useful tool that can make our lives easy. Smart phone and portable electronic devices are testaments to what can occur when tech is created for people. Well, most of the time at least.


Sometimes the easiest things can pose the greatest of challenges. Our favorite iPhone often pose this challenge. While they can be simple to understand and use effectively, attempting something that is not supported, no matter how much it would make sense to support it, often leads to complex answers, frustration, and exasperation. While transferring songs or apps is remarkably simple through the iPhone and iTunes setup, other files are hidden away and not accessible unless you know where to look and have the right software to get inside. For example, transferring iPhone voicemails to our PC or Mac seems next to impossible.


saving iPhone text messages to computer


With this in mind, a frequent complaint and request that we have gotten concerns iPhone voice messages. Left when you cannot access the incoming call immediately, some people have expressed interest in having these messages transferred to their computer. Given that the recordings have to be saved in files so that you can listen to them on your phone, this should be easy, right? As it turns out however saving your voicemail messages from your iPhone to your computer is not directly supported by Apple.


Now before you give up and call it quits, there are several options available to you. After reviewing what options people can take, we found the simple and most direct route is to go with a third party program that can access the information. For the sake of our step-by-step guide, lets focus on using the iPhone Data Transfer software.


Now with all of that out of the way, lets get started on how you can transfer your iPhone voicemail messages to your computer. First download the program for your PC or Mac using the following download links:



Download Windows Versiondownload Mac version of the program



Step 1: Launch the program and connect your iPhone

  1. Once you download the software on your computer, install it and make sure that it is running. Once you are sure program is running, plug the iPhone you want to remove voicemail messages from to your computer. A window should appear and software will show your iPhone data on its main interface.



launch iPhone data transfer program


Step 2: Select the voice mails you want to transfer to your computer

  1. Click on “Voicemail” and wait till the program loads your voicemails. Right-click on “Voicemail” icon and press “Extract Voicemail” button if you want to transfer all your voicemails from iPhone to your computer. Else, select the voicemail that you want to transfer, right-click on selected voicemails and press “Extract selected Voicemails” button.

select iPhone voicemails for transfer


Step 3: Select a folder on your computer to save your voicemails

Now you just need to select a folder where you want to save your voicemails. Done! Your voicemails have been saved on your computer.


At this point, you should have a folder that lists all of your voicemails. The only trouble that you have now is that the file is in a challenging to access format.  There are several AMR players out there that should be able to read and process this formatting type. In addition, you can always find an audio program capable of changing the sound type and use it to transfer the information over to an easier to access MP3 format.


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